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Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellow

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)

January 2020 – Present Panama


Gastropod phylogeny

Resolving gastropod relationships at different levels.

Marine biogeography

Understanding biogeographical patterns, connectivity, and dispersal capacity of marine snails.

Evolution of shell shape

Understanding the evolution of shell shape and changes in morphospace over large geological scales.

Benthic Ecology

Diversity and distribution patterns of marine fauna.


My post in the blog Science in the News about the early divergences in the animal tree of life!

My post in the blog Evo Bites about the evolution of spider groups that produce orb-shaped (circular) webs!

My post in the blog Science in the News about broad relationships in the tree of life!


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Evolution of shell shape at the Evolution meeting 2019. Please stop by my poster tomorrow (Sat, June 22)! Click for more info.

I am now Dr. Tauana Cunha! Click for pics.

In this paper we build a calibrated phylogeny for the diverse and widespread keyhole limpets, and used geographical information to …

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