Invertebrate Genomics

Assembling genomes of non-model invertebrate phyla.

Marine Biodiversity

Diversity and distribution patterns of marine fauna.

Phylogeny of Invertebrate Clades

Resolving relationships of diverse clades.

Marine biogeography

Understanding biogeographical patterns, connectivity, and dispersal capacity of marine snails.

Evolution of shell shape

Understanding the evolution of shell shape and changes in morphospace over large geological scales.


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and high-schooler Lamia wins the Lynika Strozier Intership Award - so proud of them!

With the first genomes of the phylum, we show they lack the genetic machinery to produce cilia. See this Twitter thread for a summary!

Check out the first find of a Halloween molting gene outside of panarthropods.

Tens of species collected together with a great team from the University of Barcelona.

Take a look to find out what makes the genomes of velvet worms so large!


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