Postdoc at STRI

Fresh start as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute! **Click to learn more.**

Talks at Unicamp and USP

Presented my work in the ecology seminar series at Unicamp and USP, in Brazil. Fun time seeing great friends! **Click for more info.**

World Congress of Malacology

Gastropod phylogeny and evolution of shell shape at the WCM. Also diving at the beautiful Monterey Bay area. **Click for pics!**

Evolution meeting

Evolution of shell shape at the Evolution meeting 2019. Please stop by **my poster tomorrow (Sat, June 22)**! Click for more info.

PhD defended, SnailedIt!

I am now Dr. Tauana Cunha! **Click for pics.**

Fissurellidae phylogeny and biogeography in MPE

In this paper we build a calibrated phylogeny for the diverse and widespread keyhole limpets, and used geographical information to estimate their distribution through time.

Gastropod phylogenomics in Proceedings B

Curious about how gastropods (snails, limpets and slugs) are related? Interested in phylogenomic methods applied to ancient and short internodes?

First preprint of my PhD

Celebrating halloween with the first preprint of my PhD: [Deep gastropod relationships resolved]( Check it out to see how different groups of snails, limpets and slugs are related to each other! And for some cool phylogenomics methods. Feedback welcome :)

Visiting European museums for fossils

Returning after four weeks of visiting invertebrate paleontology collections. **Click to see photos and videos of the work.**

Faculty for the Future Fellowship!

Just got the wonderful news that my application was selected for a [Faculty for the Future Fellowship](! Recipients are women in STEM fields who may become role models in the sciences upon returning to their home countries. The fellowship will fund the last year of my PhD at Harvard, working with the phylogenetic relationships of gastropods, their biogeography in the marine environment and the evolution of shell shape across large time scales.

Teaching Award!

After a great semester with many leading researchers coming to talk to us about all sorts of topics and software on phylogeography and phylogenomics, I got the [Certificate of Distinction in Teaching]( from the Derek Bok Center for my work at 'Phylogenetics and Phylogeography in the Era of Genomics' (OEB275r) last Fall!

G4 Symposium

In OEB-Harvard, all fourth year students present to the whole department in the G4 Symposium. It is one of the milestones of our program and everyone did so great!

Merit Fellowship

Just found out that my application was selected for a Merit Fellowship from Harvard GSAS! (Award from the John Parker Bequest, 1873)


Just got the awesome news that [my NSF DDIG]( was approved! Gastropod shell morphology, here we go!

Teaching Award

Got a second [Certificate of Distinction in Teaching]( from the Derek Bok Center for my teaching of 'Biology and Evolution of Invertebrate Animals' (OEB51) this last Spring. Another great semester with the most wonderful animals and great students!

SSB Research Award

Just received the [Graduate Student Research Award]( from the Society of Systematic Biologists! Let's go, gastropods!

Teaching award

I was awarded a [Certificate of Distinction in Teaching]( from the Derek Bok Center for my teaching of 'Biology and Evolution of Invertebrate Animals' (OEB51) in the Spring. It was a great semester with an enthusiastic group of students!