World Congress of Malacology

World Congress of Malacology

This year the World Congress of Malacology happened in the beautiful Monterey Bay area, in California. I gave a talk on our gastropod phylogeny, and a poster on the evolution of shell shape. Also, my first dive in cold waters (10ºC!) was so worth it! Frizzle anemone, kelp forest, gumboot chitons, and most importantly, giant keyhole limpets and the beautiful jeweled topsnail.

World malacologists: World malacologists

(mostly former) Giribet Lab members happy after dives (Vanessa González, Gonzalo Giribet, me, Sarah Lemer): Giribet Lab divers

With frizzle anemone: Tauana and frizzle anemone

Tauana J. Cunha
Postdoctoral Fellow

I am an evolutionary biologist working on the phylogeny and evolution of gastropods and other invertebrate critters.